Keyword Discovery

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How to use this tool

Discover the words your audience and competitors use

Starting from your own keyword, this tool reveals related words, similar searches and other data to help you understand what your target audience is searching for. Use it for:


Searches containing your keyword

Find closely related searches

Searches that contain your starting keyword reveal the related words and concepts searchers are looking for related to your topic. This can be both a good source of content ideas, and an effective way to know the sorts of things you should include in content about that keyword.


Search refinements

Find new and related items

Search refinements give you an idea of what people search for in addition to your starting keyword. This can help you determine if your starting keyword is the right one, as well as to understand related concepts that searchers think of when looking for your keyword.



Our unique SERPCloud shows you which words are most prominent in search engine results

This word cloud shows you the most occurring words within search results for your keyword. This tells you what the competition are saying, and may give you new ideas to think about!



Find the right words to use in your content

This word clouds shows you the most commonly-used words searches containing your keyword and related searches. Search engines will expect that good content about your keyword will contain some (not all!) of these words and concepts.